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Receipt of Files and SLA

Finished PDF files are sent to us via your own shared folder hosted on our servers here in Guernsey. It is very fast, secure and stable. We can receive files 24hrs in any size of drop. We then batch to print at a set time each day. We can set a batch size so that once a batch is complete it’s sent for posting. Alternately, files could be sent in one go at a pre-determined time - we would then print immediately on receipt and continue as above.

As the bulk of the preparation process is automated, the only physical handling of the final print is guillotining to A4 sheets and then insertion into the enveloping machines. The items are sealed by machine and go straight into Guernsey Post boxes.

All of our machinery is regularly serviced and maintained by the manufacturers and in most cases have more than one of each type. Each process in our whole factory has a minimum four or more skilled operators. Two main printing presses, three guillotines.
Electrical supply is protected with surge protection on the incoming board.
The factory is covered by CCTV and has extra security through internal locking as well as external. In the case of long run transactional print we have access to associates in UK but as most runs are on a daily or weekly basis the runs are small and we can switch to smaller print devices of which we have laser and inkjet facilities.

Posting Details

All printed items are folded and inserted into preprinted C5 window envelopes which can carry any marketing message you like. They can be printed in colour and the message can chage as often as you like if required. We use our own PPI which is labelled Printed and Posted in Guernsey. Guernsey Post make collections from us three (or more) times a day. In the case of items received on Saturday or Sunday they would be posted on Monday.

We have Completed More Than 100+ projects for our happy clients. If you want more details? Contact Us